Leave the beach behind and come see some of Jamaica’s breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Be captivated by the lush vegetation, wild flowers and trickling waterfalls throughout the interior of this majestic mountain known as the historic heritage site of Croydon Estate.  The plantation produces some of the tastiest fruits and finest coffee beans.


The famous Croydon plantation is nestled in the foothills of the Catadupa mountain, near Montego Bay.  It provides some insight into Jamaican culture and history.  You’ll be invited to take in the rich history of the plantation, which is the birthplace of Samuel Sharpe, one of Jamaica’s national heroes. As you go about your scenic nature walk through the plantation, you will learn about the cultivation and production of coffee and also get to try it for yourself. Croydon’s specialty is the cultivation of 19 types of Pineapple.  The tour offers the opportunity to taste many different varieties of pineapple as well as citrus fruits.  Sample delicious and exotic fruit and juices made from them.  Also, learn about our busy bees and production of honey.  The tour also includes a buffet of authentic Jamaican cuisine. Come experience the true essence of Jamaica.  You will not be disappointed.  We look forward to meeting you!

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Croydon Nature Tour

Croydon Plantation is a coffee and pineapple plantation located in the foothills of the Catadupa Mountains. Visitors will walk through the plantation and admire the beautiful landscape and lush greenery. Home to many exotic fruits and 19 varieties of pineapples are grown here.

A tour to the plantation includes transfers to and from the hotel, pineapple tastings and an authentic Jamaican lunch. The drive from Montego Bay takes about 2 hours and the entire tour lasts 6 hours including the drive there and back.

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